5 Tips for Starting Out Kayak Fishing

When starting out fishing from a kayak it is best to be prepared and arm yourself with at least a little knowledge if possible. Kayaking can be dangerous so you need to know how to be safe out on the water

1. Read Up on Kayaking

Try to read as many different resources as you can find on how to safely fish from a kayak. There are plenty of resources for beginning kayaking. One of the best approaches is to try and find some local fishermen who use or have used a kayak for fishing.

At your local river or lake approach someone in the car park and ask them if they could walk you through some of the different parts of the kayak and the names of each piece of equipment. This way you will become more familiar with how the kayak works.

2. Practice Your Paddling

Before first going fishing I advise taking the kayak out a few times to get used to it. Learning how to move and balance on the fishing kayak is very important. Your fishing will be a lot better if you can move around as you please on the water. Always practice close to the land preferably while there is someone around just in case something bad happens and you end up in the water.

3. Load up the Kayak

Learning to bring just enough fishing gear on the kayak is important. You do not want to overload the kayak or unbalance it with your fishing gear. Make sure that it is evenly balanced otherwise it will affect the efficiency of how fast you can move. If you end up bringing too much gear with you it can make the kayak sit lower in the water. If this happens it will require more energy for you to paddle and you will tire quicker meaning that you day out fishing will have to be cut short.

4. Learn how to read the water

Before setting off in a kayak always check the local weather for the next 3 to 6 hours and be sure not to go out if there is any kind of storm forecast. Also if the sun is out but the wind is strong be careful in that you may cover a lot of water when with the wind but you will find it difficult on your way back against the wind.

If it is sunny be sure to wear some sun screen and suitable clothing. Also a pair of fishing sunglasses would also make sens.

Once you are used to moving your kayak in shallower water close to the shore start to get to know your local stretch of water.kayak fishing for beginners

If this is at sea you need to be aware of the tides and how dangerous they can be. Sea kayaking brings with it more hazards than freshwater kayaking. The currents that the tides bring can be extremely strong so it is best advised to do some research on them in your local area first before heading out.

5. Bring Safety Gear

Always wear a life jacket. This rule should never be broken no matter how hot out it is. Always invest in a good life jacket, it could be the difference between saving your life and not making it out of the water. Always take the time to select on the fits properly before you buy. And make sure that it is suitable for your body weight size.

You might also buy a cheap anchor. Having an anchor on board is one way to make sure you do not end up too far out at sea. If you have an anchor and the current is very strong you can drop the anchor and try to get some help from the shore or a passing boat to help you back to land.

All in all kayaking fishing can be a very rewarding way of fishing. It can take you to fishing spots that you may never have seen otherwise. When you are starting out it is best to have a safety checklist that you stick to so that you can be sure you are doing things in the safest possible way. Once you become more experienced you should develop a pretty good skill set when maneuvering your kayak. You will also learn how to read the water and know when something is safe or when something may becoming a little too dangerous.

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